Welcome to the first TLG team build community. If you are looking to improve your finances and start earning money on the Internet then you are at the right place. But first, allow me to introduce myself.

Who stands behind the MLM Prosperit Team build?

Ely ShemerMy name is Ely Shemer, I’m 56 years young, a husband, father to 2 great kids and an all around nice guy :) I’m a computer’s engineer by profession and a programmer, designer and project manager by trade. I feel right at home with technology so for me, creating websites and working online, is the right way to go.

Over time I’ve joined and failed at a few Network Marketing programs but I still believe it’s a better way to market products. The MLM Prosperity Team build is how I intend to succeed. I have all the tools and knowhow and I’m putting it all into practice here, at the team build.

I invite you to join me and together to make it a magical (and profitable) journey.

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