The MLM Prosperity Team

What makes the MLM Prosperity Team different than any other teams trying to build an MLM organization? I would have to say there are 3 major differences:

The recruiting platform

The MLM Prosperity team uses it’s own Expending Forced Matrix MLM Recruiting System and does not rely on any program to do that for us. This in turn has the distinct advantage of giving us control over the way our MLM organizations are built. The team’s matrix determines the structure of the organizations we will have with the different programs, as signup links are given to members according to their position in the team’s matrix.

world-map-background-861 X 603A team effort

As members are given signup links according to their position in the matrix, we separate the recruiter from the sponsor. We all do our best to get people to join our team (recruiting) and once they join, they all get their fair share of personal referrals from being placed in the matrix at the next free position (being sponsored by the matrix upline).

True, star recruiters give up on personal referrals but by doing so they support their organization and minimize attrition. Think about it… How much are you missing by giving away a few personal referrals relative to how much you gain from having a stronger organization. We all know MLM is all about duplication so having a bigger, stronger organization is far more beneficial than having a few more personal referrals.

The team spirit

As the MLM Prosperity Team is built on the principals of collaboration and helping others the MLM Prosperity website was built to support it. On top of being a recruiting site with lots of information and tools to help our members recruit more and build a bigger, more profitable MLM organization, the website also supports the community we are creating.

We have forums, friend connections, internal messaging system, community news feed, groups and other tools to support the community. Members are encouraged to connect, share and voice their ideas to the benefit of all.