The Recruiting Matrix

The heart of our recruiting system is the Expending Forced Matrix. The matrix shapes our team and in turn help us build an organization within the programs we are joining.

The MLM Prosperity Matrix starts with a width of 3 and has an unlimited depth. Members are placed in the matrix from top to bottom and from left to right, filling the next empty position. Let’s see how this will work for you.

When you join, you are placed in the matrix and from there “down” you see your part of the matrix. When a new member joins from your referral link  he or she are placed under you in the matrix. members will also be placed under your position if they were referred from people above you and that position (under you) was the next free position. At that point, your part of the matrix, will look like this:

matrix-1Assuming you have joined the opportunities our team promotes, the member in your first level will then be getting your links for the programs and will be your personal referral in them.

When the next member is placed under you, the matrix will look like:

matrix-2When a third member is placed under you, here is what the matrix will look like:


All three members in your first level will be your personal referrals in the programs you have joined.

When the members under your position refer others (or others are spilled over from above you), those people will be placed under them, in your second level:


The members in your first level may have from 1 to 3 people placed under them and when their matrix expand, even up to 5 (in a moment we will see how that works). Assuming the member in your first level position A1 has joined the programs, the members in his first level (your second level) will be getting his links and be his personal referrals. They will still be in your team so you will earn from whatever revenue they produce but you helped your first level recruit to qualify and start earning.

Your matrix will keep being filled up, until it will look like this:


Now lets take a look at matrix expansion. As we said before, you will always get up to 3 personal (first level) recruits, even if you refer no one to the MLM prosperity team. However, when you refer new members to the team, you are entitled to have your matrix expand.

When you refer one member, your matrix expands to be 4 positions wide. That will give you 4 personal referrals in the programs and potentially expand your team by up to 33%!


When you refer two members, your matrix expands to be 5 positions wide, which is the maximum width available:


Thus, when you refer people to the MLM Prosperity team site, up to 5 of them may become your personal referrals (less if you already got spill over to fill positions in your first level). Any new members you refer when your first level is already full will be placed in the first free position of your part of the matrix and become personal referrals for the member under which they were placed. They are still part of your organization (so you earn from their efforts) but at the same time you are helping other members of your team to succeed, thus preventing attrition.

What happens if a member in your downline does not join a program?

In that case the members on his first level will be served your join links and will become your personals! Like this:


To summarize:

  • New members are placed in the first free position of the part of the matrix under the referring member.
  • Members in your first level (3 to 5, depending on your own referring efforts) will be your personal referrals in the programs.
  • If a member does not join a program, his first level will be served the link of his upline.
  • Your matrix is initially 3 positions wide and expands up to 5 – 1 for each new member you refer. Refer just 2 members and you will get 5 personals.
  • Members joining the team without being referred by anyone, are randomly placed in the matrix (in free positions under existing members).