The MLM Prosperity Team

What makes the MLM Prosperity Team different than any other teams trying to build an MLM organization? I would have to say there are 3 major differences: The recruiting platform The MLM Prosperity team uses it’s own Expending Forced Matrix MLM Recruiting System and does not rely on any program to do that for us. […]

The Recruiting Matrix

The heart of our recruiting system is the Expending Forced Matrix. The matrix shapes our team and in turn help us build an organization within the programs we are joining. The MLM Prosperity Matrix starts with a width of 3 and has an unlimited depth. Members are placed in the matrix from top to bottom […]

How Does It Work

The MLM Prosperity website is a marketing system for the MLM Prosperity Team. It is built around an Expending Forced Matrix MLM Recruiting System with the purpose of allowing anyone who joins to build his downline in the chosen opportunities. The expanding matrix enables members to quickly start earning with the opportunity while enabling power […]

What To Look For

When you are considering joining a program or membership, there are a few basic things you need to look for: Who is running the program – who are the people behind the program, what is their track record and how trustworthy they are. What will you be getting when you join – for a program […]

State Of The Economy

The world’s economy is undergoing massive changes that are effecting all of us. There are two major trends that have the most dramatic effect on every person’s financial future: Transition from “attendance compensation” (being paid a salary just for showing up at work) to “performance compensation” (being paid according to the amount of desired results […]