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The MLM Prosperity Team is not just about the tools, we are a community of people who work together and help each other. Members of the team are invited to contribute to the community from their knowledge and expertise, to help other team members and the team as a whole. The MLM Prosperity website provides […]


There is a new trend in the Network marketing world, shifting from the traditional way of sponsoring (aka “Old School”) to on-line recruiting. However, many people who try on-line lead generation for their home based business tend to forget it’s a people’s business and therefor fail on-line as well. The MLM Prosperity Team was created […]


If inspiration is the spark that sets things in motion then motivation is the fuel that lets you keep going. After being inspired to create a vision, stating goals and laying down a plan of action, you need to work at it until you reach your goals. Working the plan to reach your goals is […]


I have a question for you: Do you have a burning desire to change your circumstances? Do you feel things could be different and better? Most people do and I bet you do too. I know I do. So let me ask you a second question: Have you done anything to make a change? Allow […]