10 Habits of Successful Network Marketers!

HERE’s the Good News…

Successful Networkers have been TRACKED, STUDIED, and extensively interviewed…With basic observation you will easily notice the SAME traits, the SAME qualities, the SAME thought processes, and the SAME HABITS, with almost ALL OF THEM!!! So, YOUR job is to NOT REINVENT THE WHEEL…Simply, Do what THEY do!!!

So, with that said, let’s dig in…BE SURE TO KEEP TRACK of how many you have!!!



Success Habit #10: MONEY BASED

The Successful Network Marketer picks opportunities that can make them BIG MONEY!!! That means, they DO NOT mess around with little online programs…They would NEVER even consider a $5, $10, or $20 program. Those are JOKES, and are “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” money games.



Success Habit #9: PERSISTANCE

The Successful Network Marketer DOES NOT jump from program to program to program. They choose their program wisely, by picking the right company, the right product, the right compensation plan, the right affordability, and the right support…Then they stick with it until they are successful. Take a look at ANY networker who jumps from program to program…More than likely they are BROKE!!!


Success Habit #8: SET GOALS

This is one of the most overlooked, and yet MUST helpful things you can do. Did you know that ONLY 3% of the population have EVER written down their goals on a piece of paper? It’s been shown that those who WRITE DOWN their goals have a 1000% better success rate than those who don’t. The Successful Network Marketer NOT ONLY has very concise goals, they also write them down frequently!!!


Success Habit #7: RESET YOUR BRAIN

QUIT Complaining, Take Responsibility, and GET FOCUSED!!! The Successful Network Marketer DOES NOT complain or blame others…They take FULL responsibility for their life, and they get FOCUSED on their goals. They MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, and DO NOT WAIT for things to happen to them!!! Go Develop the EXACT Life that YOU want!!!



The Successful Network Marketer is recognized as being in the TOP 10% of their chosen field. This means that they KNOW THEIR BUSINESS!!! YOU should learn ALL the in’s & out’s of YOUR chosen program. Commit to being in the TOP 10% of whatever program you are in, and you will see the money follow soon after.


Success Habit #5: Work-A-Holic

Did you know, The Successful Network Marketer works 59 hours per week on average. This is 24 hours MORE than the average person does. If a networker has a full time job, they still FIND the time to spend an average of 19 hours per week working their program, and soon that J.O.B. (Just Over Broke), is a thing of the past. The other key with having a work-a-holic mentality, is to: WORK, ALL THE TIME YOU WORK!!! Surfing on Facebook, or checking your email 15 times an hour, or browsing an online shoe store is NOT WORKING. Again, stay focused on your tasks at hand.



This one is pretty simple, but is rarely followed. It is imperative that you SAVE MONEY, and eventually have that MONEY work for you by earning compound interest. In order to SAVE MONEY, you MUST be spending LESS MONEY than what you earn. First get your monthly budget in order (You do have a monthly budget, right?), and then TRIM THE EXCESS Spending, or find ways to save money or cut expenses.



The Successful Network Marketer does NOT hang around people who make $10,000 a year. They hang around people who think & act like they do…They hang around OTHER successful people, and SO SHOULD YOU!!! What if you don’t know any millionaires??? Well, they are ALL AROUND YOU…they are in things called: “BOOKS”…and they are giving their knowledge to you for FREE or CHEAP, and all you have to do is READ!!! What a DEAL!!!



YOU DO NOT have to listen to your uncle’s 2nd cousin on his mom’s side, who is CONVINCED YOUR “pyramid” will never work because he Just knows!! Get Away, and Stay away from these NEGATIVE influences. Treat these negative people as you would treat the BLACK PLAGUE, because that is what they are. A negative attitude is ALWAYS self-fulfilling, and is the QUICKEST way to FAILURE!!!


Success Habit #1: ACHIEVE RESULTS

Be sure to focus on the things that ACHIEVE RESULTS!!! In networking you should focus on SALES & Lead Generation 80% of the time. If the things YOU do are NOT achieving results: CHANGE the things you are doing! Make Course Corrections, and always have your END GOAL in mind. Focus on “Sales Techniques & Lead Generations Techniques” that are working, and drop the ones that are NOT working for you.

Thanks for reading this eReport. I hope you put these Habits to use, and I’m sure you’ll start seeing some great results, shortly!!!


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